i fucking love love and decided to make a whole career out of it. i've been with my best friend for eleven years and my favorite photos of us have always been the candid, in-between moments: the stolen kisses, the genuine belly laughs, the loving embraces, the moments of pure bliss and even an ass grab or two. that's what you can expect from your photos: your love told your way edited in a true-to-color, lively way. remember how it really felt.

it's bretagne bitch.

atlanta based, adventure driven.

you know that feeling when you find your best fucking friend in the entire universe and can't stop yourself from kissing their cute ass face? i'm here to bottle up that feeling and deliver it back to you in the form of art. 

currently jamming to:

the basics:

pronouns + identity: she/her + pansexual

the big three: sagitarrius sun, cancer moon, cancer rising

enneagram: 6 (reliable, hard-working, responsible, and trustworthy)

hogwarts house: hufflepuff

love language: physical touch + quality time

fiction characters i relate to: if jess and schmidt from new girl had a brain child with the sense of humor of wednesday addams

time consumers: renovating our home, scrolling endlessly on tiktok, loving on my pups (morty + Cece) and hubs (logan), cooking + baking (everyone low key dies for my chocolate chip cookies)


comfort movies: forrest gump, titanic, the twilight saga (not even going to apologize for this one), harry potter (specifically the half-blood prince), bo burnham: inside

shows on repeat: new girl, stranger things, the vampire diaries, gossip girl, wednesday (honorable mention bae and i love the circle and love is blind)

go-to munchies: pizza (i love me some domino's but will kill for mellow mushroom's baked potato pizza), spaghetti (specifically mine), tex-mex, chocolate cake, cookie cake (nothing beats great american cookie company and i will die on that hill), hibachi, dumplings


my faves:

that one time i was a groupie for a ska band:

there's not a ton of people that can say that they found their soulmate at 16 years old, but i definitely did. logan and i met when i was a total groupie for his ska band. it's your typical love story: girl was telling joke, boy ruined joke, girl totally hated on said boy. honestly, if logan wasn't as cheeky as his was, i wouldn't have gotten his number to rip him a new one. when we got to texting, we spent alllllll night talking about our shared love for mayday parade and he was throwing some major game my way. i remember falling asleep with the biggest smile on my face. our first date was in his parents' unfinished basement watching harry potter and the chamber of secrets on a tiny television. that was back in 2011 and we've been madly in love ever since. 

logan is the reason i got into photography in the first place. i was deeply depressed in a corporate gig that was severely lacking in the creativity department. he bought me my first camera - a nikon d3500 - for christmas in 2019 and i signed up for a photography masterclass to learn everything i could (call it an adhd hyperfixation if you will). i decided to test my newfound skills on my best friend and her boyfriend and the rest is history. when you get your photos back, you can thank little ole' logan for believing in me. 

i get it. as someone who has been with their best friend for a solid eleven years, i know how important it is to find someone who truly gets you - and it's important to find a photographer who captures your authentic story. 

i was in the wedding industry for years as a wedding coordinator and bartender (wink, wink)and finally made the jump to wedding photography in 2020. needless to say, i'm not just your wedding photographer. i know that wedding planning is stressful and aunt brenda's unsolicited advice isn't helping. i'm here to be your resource and advocate before, during and well after your wedding day. 

it's my literal life's mission to make everything before, during and after your wedding day a smooth ride. when you're looking at your photos, i want you to remember me hyping you up during your portraits. i want you to remember me making an ass of myself to make sure your little nephew smiles during family photos. and i hope you'll remember how i put myself in a barb-filled bush to get the shot. the last thing i want you to experience is a bad experience.

i'm always one email, dm, text message or call away. can't decide on which of the four wedding dresses you bought is actually going to be the one? i'll answer that facetime and let you put on a fashion show (and don't laugh because this exact scenario has happened).

whatever you need, i'm there so that you can focus on what's really important - your hot as hell partner sitting right next to you who put a ring on it.

what's it like working with you?

Sweet Nothings

headed to these spots? if you book while i am in town, you will pay zero travel fees!

greenville, south carolina | march 10-11, 2023
st. simons island, georgia | april 13-18, 2023
greenville, south carolina | may 12-14, 2023
rome, italy | june 9-11, 2023
santorini, greece | june 13, 2023
ephesus, turkey | june 14, 2023
mykonos, greece | june 15, 2023
grand tetons, wyoming | august 7-9, 2023
amelia island, florida | october 20-22, 2023
tulum, mexico | december 11-15, 2023
franklin, tennessee | december 31, 2023 - january 1, 2024
big sur, california | may 15-19, 2024

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"you're a dream to work with and i'm obsessed with you! i love you so much. straight vibes and 1000000x a billion completely comfortable with you! honestly the moment i met you IRL, i felt like we were old friends hanging out. wouldn't think twice about recommending you over and over again!"

allison + seje

"she can truly do no wrong, and you won't regret choosing her to capture your special moment."


"booking with tags was the best decision i have made in regards to my wedding."

kyleigh + landon

"highly recommend if you want timeless photos that will last a lifetime"


your story told by your best friend.

remember how it really felt