for your eyes only

damn girl!

your momma let you date? but for real. i am stoked you're considering doing a boudoir session with little 'ole me. boudoir is something i'm extremely passionate about because i love making women feel:


stunning and

downright hot

you deserve to be hyped up and see yourself the way i see you...which is hella perfect.

whether you're a bride looking to create a special gift for your partner, a girl wanting to say "FUCK YOU" to their ex or anywhere in between...honey i got you.

what the girlies

are saying:

"bretagne once again slayed. she made me feel so comfortable in my body and i had such a fun time. As someone who struggles with ED and body image issues, i ten out of ten recommend everyone to do a boudoir shoot with bretagne. you won't regret it."

"with it being my first time, she made me feel comfortable, beautiful and confident! and then i got my photos back and i was speechless. i love every single one. I'm so happy i was able to go through this experience with bretagne."

"Incredible. life-changing. i'm so serious. my boudoir session was so much fun and i cannot stop looking at the pictures. she is the best hype woman, i cannot stress that enough. i walked in so nervous and left more confident than i've ever been. the photos she takes are flattering and flawless. she knows how to capture your best angles and gives you all the instruction if you need them. she killed it - seriously! i cannot say enough incredible things. thank you thank you thank you!"

"you're a dream to work with and i am obsessed with you!!! i love you so much. straight vibes and 10000000000 percent x a billion completely comfortable with you! hoenstly the moment i met you irl, i felt like we were old friends hanging out and taking spicy pics! wouldn't think twice about recommending you over and over again!"

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Q: i'm not sure if my body is where i want it to be or if i'll be confident enough...

I guarantee that you will leave your boudoir session feeling hotter than you've ever felt. I've captured countless boudoir sessions. i know what poses look best on different body types and am the ultimate hype girl - just look at the reviews above. you'll feel confident af when you leave your session.

and as our lord and savior moira rose has said: "take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now. you may currently think, 'oh i'm too spooky.' or 'nobody wants to see these tiny boobies.' but believe me, one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say, 'dear god, i was a beautiful thing.'"

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Q: i'm pretty that cool?

uh yeh! i'm not here to make you feel uncomfortable. this session is all about making you feel like the queen you are. you can be as clothed or as nude as you want to be. no pressure on my end whatsoever. i'm here for you babe!

Q: will you post my photos?

NOPE! Not unless you give me your explicit permission to do so. there's a signed contract that protects you. i go over all the details on how to grant me permission to post or share any of your photos. there's no requirement to post or share any of your photos. there's no requirement for you to let me share your photos if you don't feel comfortable with them being out in the open. i protect women at all costs over here.

I will never post or share any photos that contain nudity. if one of the photos you're cool with sharing has nudity, i will cover it up before posting. i also never tag my boudoir clients in my posts unless they want me to.

With that being said, if you are a bride and are cool with me sharing your photos - i will always, always, always wait until after the wedding day just in case your partner is following me. no sneak peaks for them.

Q: will you keep it a secret? i don't want ________ to find out."

Your session is top secret unless you don't want it to be. if you're a bride, don't stress. bae won't find out until you gift the photos. don't want your mom to see them? that's cool. this is your session. i'm doing this for you. i'm comfortable with whatever you're comfortable with. 

Want to know how top secret i am? i had a bride come to a boudoir session, get fully naked and then i had to turn around the following weekend and do their engagement photos...and pretend that we hadn't just created this eternal bond so that her partner didn't get suspicious. i'm a secret agent over here.

Q: can you create a little black book?

absolutely! after your gallery has been delivered, you can use the "shop" feature on your gallery to put together the perfect little b lack book. i'll talk you through the entire process ton make sure that your book is perfection.

Q: can i see a full gallery?

for obvious reasons...this is a no-go. i share as much of the client-approved boudoir photos as i can on my website and on my instagram. 

Q: what is a boudoir day and when is your next one?

boudoir days are the fucking best days of the year. this is where i put together an amazing set-up, theme, etc. and you sign up for a timeslot for your boudoir session. Multiple slots are sold in one day and this helps drive down the overall cost for everyone. it's also a great way to meet other girls who are a total vibe and will hype you up just as much as i will.

i host boudoir days throughout the year and will always post new ones on my instagram story - so be sure to follow me there!

Q: what do i wear???

i will help you out with places to shop but i also offer a boudoir client closet that is constantly growing! you can add access the closet to your boudoir package when booking and the price guide will have a link to view all of the available pieces.

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