Documentary wedding photographer Tags Photography captures an authentic, colorful fall wedding at West Milford Farm in North Georgia.

Let’s be honest…

Your wedding day is a narrative, a story unfolding chapter by chapter, filled with candid moments, raw emotions, and the genuine essence of your love story. Amidst the chaos of wedding planning, choosing the right photographer to document your day is essential. So let’s break down why I would describe myself as a documentary wedding photographer with an editorial flair. I’m a storyteller who weaves your narrative into a timeless tapestry. My unique style of wedding photography can elevate your wedding photos and overall experience.

Authentic Moments versus Staged Poses

Documentary style wedding photography thrives on capturing the raw, unscripted moments that unfold naturally throughout your day. Your mom wiping her tears as she sees you in your wedding dress for the first time. Your flower girl being the star of the show. Your brother putting on your tie for you. The moment your partner sees you walking down the aisle. The stolen kiss before you head to cocktail hour. Your high school friend group cheering you on.

However, blending in editorial posing introduces a touch of refinement without sacrificing authenticity. I will guide you and your partner into poses that look effortlessly natural, creating a seamless fusion of candid and editorial shots. I believe in giving you the best of both worlds: the authentic moments and the formal portraits that make you feel like a piece of fucking artwork.

Documentary wedding photographer Tags Photography captures an authentic, colorful fall wedding at West Milford Farm in North Georgia.

Telling Your Unique Love Story

Every single couple has a unique love story to tell. As an experienced documentary wedding photographer with editorial posing and prompting skills, I understand the importance of personalization. Through candid shots and carefully crafted editorial poses, I can create a visual narrative that reflects the nuances of your relationship, capturing the essence of your connection in a way that feels genuine and unique to you.

For example, Sydney and Logan’s fall wedding day at West Milford Farm in North Georgia was a great mix of authentic, candid moments and editorial prompting. Editorial prompting lets you, the couple, make the photo your own. For example, in the photos below I simply asked them to sit down in this giant field and cuddle…and of course cuteness ensued.

All in All…

In the realm of wedding photography, the marriage of documentary style with editorial posing and prompting is a match made in visual storytelling heaven. The ability to seamlessly blend authentic moments with refined poses creates a wedding album that transcends the ordinary, telling a timeless tale that will be cherished for generations. So, when selecting your wedding photographer, consider the magic that happens when documentary storytelling meets editorial elegance – a perfect recipe for capturing the beauty of your love story.

Tags Photography is a Destination Wedding Photographer based in Atlanta, GA with a deep love for combining documentary wedding photography with editorial posing and prompting. You can learn more ab out the wedding experience here or grab your price guide by filling out the contact form.

Now check out some more beautifully candid and editorial photos from Sydney and Logan’s colorful and vibrant fall wedding day at West Milford Farm.

Capturing Authentic Love: Why Hiring a Documentary Wedding Photographer is the Right Move

February 5, 2024

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