A bride and groom exiting their ceremony on the gorgeous Crane Island in Amelia Island, FL captured by Tags Photography, an Amelia Island Wedding Photographer.

Imagine this: a wedding day that’s not only a celebration, but a fucking masterpiece of love and personal connection. I’ve got the inside scoop on how to make your special day an unforgettable one – all thanks to this Crane Island wedding, right here on the gorgeous Amelia Island, Florida. As your soon-to-be best friend and Amelia Island wedding photographer, I’m here to make sure that your photos are unforgettable, heartfelt, and intimate. Let’s dive in!

Number One: Pick a venue that speaks to you

For Shelby and Matthew, having their wedding on Crane Island meant the world to them. Crane Island, located on Amelia Island, is a pristine paradise boasting breathtaking waterfront views, ancient oaks, and lush greenery. It’s also where Shelby’s parents have decided to build their forever home. Consider exchanging vows beneath a majestic oak tree, with the Amelia River as a stunning backdrop. Work with local florists like The Heirloom Yard to enhance the surroundings with native flowers, creating an organic and romantic atmosphere. My point is this: choose a venue and/or location that tells your story, work with local vendors to enhance that story, and hire an Amelia Island wedding photographer to capture your hard work beautifully.

A couple exchanges vows under a mossy oak with the Amelia River behind them on Crane Island in Amelia Island, FL captured by Tags Photography, an Amelia Island Wedding Photographer.

Number Two: Add your personal touch

Since Crane Island held a special place in Shelby and Matthew’s heart, it was easy for their personal touch to ripple through the rest of their wedding details. Here’s some examples for their Amelia Island wedding day that you can take and make your own:

  • Let’s be honest, mother-of-the-brides have very few special moments throughout a normal wedding day. Usually, she helps you put on your dress and sends you on your way. After Shelby’s mom buttoned up her dress, Shelby took some time to gift her mom an emerald band that matched the one she added to her own day-of look.

  • Shelby and Matthew’s first date was at Fetch Dog Park Bar where they each brought their own black labs who truly look identical. It was love at first sight and now Daisy and Georgia are sisters! The two of them obviously had to be included in their wedding day and included they were! Not only were Daisy and Georgia the star of the wedding ceremony in their matching flower collars, but their faces were put on drink stirrers that guests went crazy over.

Number Three: Celebrate Under the Stars

Nothing beats a gorgeous sunset over the water and dancing under the stars and Crane Island gave us just that. Whether you have a place that’s sentimental to you like Shelby and Matthew did or you choose a reception venue on Amelia Island that complements the island’s charm, make sure that it aligns with your vision. Here’s how the Lees created the perfect sunset dinner party for their reception:

  • A sweetheart table facing long rows of elegant, family-style tables. Cafe lights hanging above complementing Amelia Island’s gorgeous sunset while you hear toast after toast from your loved ones
  • Centerpieces that incorporate elements from the island’s flora and fauna
  • Personalized, hand-written letters for each guest

Number Four: Hire Your Dream Amelia Island Wedding Photographer

You put a lot of effort into making your wedding day meaningful and unique to your love story, so make sure that you hire an Amelia Island wedding photographer like me to capture the details that make your wedding unique and reflective of the island’s charm. I will ensure that ever moment is beautifully documented. Planning a wedding on Crane Island or anywhere on Amelia Island is not just about creating a beautiful event, but also about weaving your love story into the fabric of a place that holds special meaning. By embracing the island’s natural beauty, incorporating personal touches, and collaborating with local vendors, your wedding day will be a unique and meaningful celebration that reflects your love and the bonds of family. Crane Island, with its serene landscapes and intimate charm, set the stage for Shelby and Matthew’s wedding day and will forever be etched into their hearts forever.

Tags Photography is a destination wedding photographer based in Atlanta, GA with a deep love for Amelia Island and the surrounding area. You can learn more about the wedding experience here or grab your price guide by filling out the contact form.

An Amelia Island Wedding Photographer’s Guide to Planning a Unique and Meaningful Wedding

January 7, 2024

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